Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comcast Tries To Do Damage Control

Type the word Comcast into Facebook, and you will find an overwhelming number of Comcast hate groups, all with the intention of taking down Goliath, the big bully! Or, at least, getting them to change their unfair trade practices. In order to do damage control, Comcast has their employees (and most probably their outsourced sales center staff) keep up on the hate groups with the most members, and follow up with nonsense and rhetoric in order to look better. The name they use is Comcast Cares V... which is a total insult and a complete joke. I think Comcast Cares is quite possibly the best oxymoron I've ever heard!

There are WAY too many hate groups for them to keep up with, so they tend to focus on only the largest groups. And, within hours of my post, Comcast Cares V, rather than try to communicate with me directly and try to find out why exactly I was so upset, decided to go through my account (home only, and didn't care to look at or discuss my business account), and post personal information... totally disregarding the consumer-protection laws. Many have taken screen shots, so it's too late for Comcast to delete their posts and try to act like it wasn't written... like when they try to pretend that documented problems on your account don't exist.

The following is the conversation that ensued after my post:

Comcast Cares V (Comcast) wrote
at 10:56am yesterday
There are some concerns that the Office of the President will not be able to assist with. I cannot go into specifics publicly but if you would like to e-mail us, you certainly can at I did review the technical concern from Feb and noticed that the modem was unplugged. We did provide a courtesy credit at that time. I know Terrence contacted you to discuss your billing concern and you were not willing to discuss with him at the time. We are sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you can contact him today if you wish. Thank you for the feedback !

Laura Goodman wrote
at 4:42pm yesterday
Please disregard comments from "Comcast Cares V." Terrence, the person Comcast Cares V suggests we contact IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. Since I personally know David Trachtenberg, I know that he refused to deal with Terrence because Terrence refused to fix the situation, instead he told David nothing could be done. Why would he be of any help now? Furthermore, if he would be of help to us now, why not before? Seems to show that they are, in fact, getting their kicks out of wasting the time of busy people.

The problem is not only Terrence, it's the fact that NONE of these individuals are held accountable.

By the way, the "courtesy credit" CCV is talking about wasn't a "courtesy" at all. Our Comcast home phone didn't work for almost 8 months. What's courteous about that? Also, isn't the very fact that CCV is disclosing personal account information a violation of privacy???

CCV is simply a damage-control drone-- probably an anonymous Brian Roberts with too much time on his hands. Get Fios!

Comcast Cares V (Comcast) wrote

at 5:10pm yesterday
The problem is a billing issue. If you are still experiencing problems or feel it's unfair, email my team at We would be happy to look into it further.

David Trachtenberg wrote
at 5:59pm yesterday
Comcast Cares - That's the best oxymoron I've heard in years! LOL. Sure, come out of the wood works now and try to do some damage control on Facebook. Your B.S. is not going to fly here. We all know that your company is involved with unfair trade practices, and I am sure that the FCC, FTC and your Attorney General will not be too happy with you when I am done. And thanks for trying to air my private information on the net, only more ammo for my lawsuit. Of course you only address part of my home problem, and omit my company problems w/ Comcast completely. However, I am not afraid to air everything, and as my phone lines record both incoming and outgoing calls. I will petition the courts to use this information. This all started with taking off work and waiting at home for 4 hours while no one from your company came to my house as scheduled. And, you did the same thing at my office, numerous times. Events escalated as I lost weeks of Internet access at work.

David Trachtenberg wrote

at 6:01pm yesterday
I use VOIP at work, so w/out Internet access, I am dead. We lost tens of thousands of dollars due to your incompetence, but I was trying to keep my cool, and work things out with your company amicably, while at the same time, trying to keep my in-house counsel out of it. My first escalation at the "Office of the President" went to Terrance Petty. He proved to be completely combative and useless within minutes of our conversation, and didn't return my call at the close of business the following day (Friday) as he had promised. And non-return calls from Comcast is what has mostly plagued me w/ your company. Terrance also did not return my call Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, so I escalated it again to the "Office of the President." This time, they referred back to the same office as Terrance's, except I spoke w/ Gloria Looper. At first, Gloria proved to be the second most helpful person I had dealt with at Comcast, but that was short lived.

David Trachtenberg wrote
at 6:02pm yesterday
Eventually, she stopped returning my calls too, and after a month of trying to get her to call back, I escalated this yet again to "The Office of the President". I started to figure out your game, and the call center rerouting that your company does in order to pacify your customers, and protect your true management from working. I was clear with your office that I did not want to go back to this office, and needed to speak w/ one of their managers. Your office assured me that my info would be sent in an email to the President and other higher level officials... and then who calls me the next morning, but... drum roll...TERRANCE!! Yippee!! Terrance leaves a message, and I don't call back. Instead, I call your office again to let you know that I am insulted, and demand to speak to someone whom these clowns report to, and that otherwise I am taking a trip up to Philly to meet w/ your CEO, Brian Roberts. And guess who gets the message and calls me back on the phone to discuss my account?

David Trachtenberg wrote

at 6:04pm yesterday
Would you's Terrance once again?! Wow, what a company you've got there! It's obvious why they are drunk with power over there... because you have enabled them. Rather than do your job and have some oversight, you've decided on the lazy route, and have instilled way too much power into the hands of unqualified people. Perhaps your company has taken on too many customers, and has not taken care of your own in-house management. Whatever the situation, it's not my problem, other than how it is affecting me and my business. The only reason that your company continues to treat its customers this way, is that until now, no one has truly stood up to you. Well, things are now in motion, and you've messed with the wrong guy. I've only just begun! And I'll see you in court!

Lead by a staff of attorneys, we are hell-bent on a class action lawsuit against Comcast for misleading and deceptive trade practices, as well as violating consumer-protection laws. If you feel that you too have been wronged by Comcast, please post your horror stories here. And, you may also join our class action lawsuit if you feel that you are entitled to reimbursements. If so, please email us by June 30th, 2009 at, and explain how you have been wronged. If we feel you qualify, we will include you in our case. You may also join us on Facebook at

Call For Class Action Lawsuit Against Comcast - Details Follow:

I have had ongoing existing problems with Comcast at both my home and office, that have been going on for almost 6 months. I've called the "Office of the President" numerous times, where they kindly take my complaint and info, and then refer me back to "my regional exec office" where they are just as incompetent as anyone else I have dealt with at Comcast. They actually answer to no one there, and have even told me that. They are completely drunk with power. No one is accountable for anything at these regional offices. And, to add insult to injury, the "Office of the President" literally sends me right back to the same EXACT incompetent people who I have already previously complained about , in order to solve the problem that I am having with themselves?!

There is actually no escalation other than their B.S. call center that puts you in contact with a local "exec" office who think they are untouchable... well, the gig is up! I have been more than patient, and have stuck with Comcast through the many painful years. I have tried every way feasible to get hold of anyone else at their actual corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, who is actually in a true executive capacity, and it is absolutely futile. The management, from the CEO on down, hide behind incompetence, and their game is over. Comcast, we could have done this the easy way, but now it's too late. Comcast has cost me literally tens of thousands of dollars in my business. I am at my wits end, and therefore, my attorney and I are putting together a class action law suit. If you have also unfortunately been injured by the bullying tactics of Comcast, and would like to be included in this Class Action Lawsuit, please email me at by June 30th, 2009.